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Introduction & Welcome

Through-out my life, I’ve always been a dreamer, a poet, a philosopher, a musician, a writer!

When time allows – or should that be, when I allow the time, I very much enjoy singing, playing guitar/drums/piano, writing songs, recording, performing and of course sharing my creativity and enjoyment with others.  As the words in one of my songs lays testament, “Open up your heart / And feel alive” [Fortune].

With a career and family to support, the dreamer / musician in me sadly doesn’t always get top priority! But the dreams don’t stop, and the music doesn’t stop and the love of singing is ever-present! And, thank goodness 🙂

In my way, I do my best to live my dreams and to manifest opportunities to share in creative endeavours. I came to the realisation that it’s not only healthy, but it’s my duty to continue to invest in my writing and musical skills, my song-crafting abilities, experience and talent. I have opened myself to the universal possibility that this is not only for my benefit – so that I can continue to express my creative energy – but that it is also a gift that I can share with you, with others.

As an independent, self-funded musician “Lazy Days” is my self-released, limited edition debut CD album. Why don’t you have a listen and if you like it, please support my creativity and buy a copy!  You can purchase the downloaded version, but I’d be happy to post the hard copy to you, after-all, it’s much nicer to hold a tangible disc.

“If I sing
You a song
Will it put a smile back upon
Your pretty face
That looks so sad
Take comfort from rhythm and rhyme“
Singing In Tune


Thanks for reading and thanks again to everyone for your continuing support.

Sol Harris